Sunday, September 8, 2013


Jeff and I are active street style photographers and even shot for Cosmo UK last NYFW but for this one, since our wedding is right around the corner, we took a little break. However, that didn't stop us from dressing up to check out the scene for an afternoon.

Our conclusion is that we were extremely grateful we didn't have to shoot for publication this go around. 

The street style scene has become completely over saturated. 

You can't tell the difference between the photographer and the subject any more.

"Street style photographers are officially more interestingly dressed than most of their subjects. "
-@Arielfoxman , Editor at InStyle

It was obvious the photographers (ie, everyone it felt like) were having a tough time trying to scope out subjects. Everyone was grouped in the shade and would migrate from time to time as this huge mob. But what was worse was the photographers weren't there for work, they were there purely to be "recognized." 


I felt completely overwhelmed, and nothing was worth taking a picture of. From the NYFW last Feb to now it just exploded. Maybe it's because it was warmer now so everyone is out, but I was completely put off. It wasn't street style, it was people in costumes. I ended up grabbing a few stock photos (Fashionable people holding gadgets) for TWF, to have as a backlog.

Jeff and I focused our attention on taking pictures of the puppies and the children who were forcefully dragged along with their mothers. They were the only pure subjects.

I'm going back to only shooting political event street style. I'm so over this circus of attention.

However, Jeff did grab a few of me, and he was so on-point today with his shots! I'm really disappointed it couldn't have been put to something a little bit more spectacular.

But like I said earlier, it was the children and the puppies who stole the show this NYFW. Here are a few raw/untouched photos and I'm sure Jeff will be writing about it on his blog soon!